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The latest news from our mouflons

There are currently 15 mouflons in the park. In 2017, a pneumonia epidemic drastically reduced the population down to 6 individuals. We recently reinforced the herd by introducing a young couple from Gramat the animal park.

Timid mouflon

Mouflons are native to Corsica and are perfectly adapted to the mountain environment. The males have thick and heavy horns that form a full circle by the time they become adults. 40% of female mouflons have short horns measuring around 15 cm, while the others have no horns at all.
These animalsare shy and particularly gregariousthey are also very prolific and hardy. The females can bear offspring when they are only one year old!

Le mouflon - Parc de Merlet
Le mouflon - Parc de Merlet