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An animated


Enjoy permanent animations by visiting the exhibition rooms and videos, stopping at the stages of the fun course. Discover our new facilities dedicated to contemplation and relaxation.


In July and August, one-off activities are offered in the afternoon.

Covid 19: face mask obligatory during animations

Art events can brighten your visit, check out the agenda below!


Finally, photo enthusiasts can learn or improve through our customized training.

With a rich natural and historical heritage, Merlet Park is a place for learning new knowledge … here you just have to walk to learn while having fun! In Merlet we privilege human contact … Our animators are there to inform you. At the reception or throughout the course, do not hesitate to contact us for any question! It is with pleasure and professionalism (we strive!) We will bring you answers.

Permanent animations

Exhibition room video

Inside the exhibition hall at Merlet Park

In an old renovated farm, discover our exhibition

“Merlet today, Merlet formerly”


The video projection room welcomes you permanently (30 seats), offering more than 4 hours of continuous video on the alpine fauna.

– “Bella, the chamois prodigy” Exclusive short film

– “Merlet, the backstage of an exceptional site”

– “The marmots of the big rock”

Face mask obligatory

Educational Activitiy

Wooden plane at Merlet park for children

Nice for children as for adults: we learn while having fun!


Along the way, you will find some themed stages, for example: winter, predators, ibex, marmot, altiport …


At each stage, a fun activity for toddlers, and for older children … Unwind your Smartphone flash the QR code and discover live news!


Information available in 4 languages

New developments

the panoramic spot at Merlet Park

– The Silence Zone: on this extension of the 3000m² park at a place called “la roche à Soupla”, discover a new animal area dedicated to relaxation and silence. This part of the park also includes a cliff, real playground for ibex!


– Enjoy the view! See you at the Panoramic Spot which allows you to enjoy the exceptional view with peace of mind thanks to the African seats (wooden made in Merlet!)


– New chalet: at the entrance of the park, a brand new larch chalet can welcome you in the shelter in case of rain!


The punctual animations in July August

The animations begin at the beginning of July, from the beginning of the school holidays. Adapted to all, our animations are appointments not to be missed for a complete visit, the opportunity for a rich exchange with competent animators and passionate about the mountain environment and animals. And it’s free! According to the weather, our animators choose the theme of the animation of 14h among the first 3:

"Landscape reading" entertainment at Merlet Park

"The mountain and its secrets"

Following your remarks or questions, the host speaks as much of the glaciers opposite as the alpine stages with their fauna and flora, or the ascent of Mont Blanc by Balmat! A privileged discussion that gives you another look at the valley and the Mont Blanc massif …

Do not miss!

Subject to clear weather.

"Antlers and horns" animation at the Merlet Park by a young member of staff

«Woods and Horns»

The facilitator explains the difference between antler and horns in cattle, how to recognize the age, the sex, the health of the animal by its horns, the cycle of the woods …

You can touch, weigh many trophies. The kids love it! At 14h*


"Predatory" entertainment at Merlet Park

" The predators "

On the food chain program, which predators can attack the animals in the park? All about Lynx, Eagle and Wolf. Very educational, the session is animated by many supports, for small as the greatest at 14h *

Baby marmotts eating broccoli at Merlet Park

"The taste of marmots"

What are they eating? When do they hibernate? How many babies do they do? How do we tame them? The marmots will have no secrets for you after this much-awaited animation!

Around 17H*

Schedules are subject to change depending on weather and affluence. A sign at the entrance to the park will inform you, as well as the reception.

* Every day in July and August


Heritage Tuesdays

From Mount Maudit to Mont Blanc

engraving glaciers mont blanc

The Chamonix Valley, glory, and now?

How did we go from the feared and accursed mountain, an inhospitable place, to one of Europe’s busiest natural sites, a saturated space? An exciting speech that deals with geology, crystals, crystalline, ascent of Mt-Blanc, birth of tourism, amenities and their consequences.

Every Tuesday from July 8 to August 28, 2019
Meeting at 14h at the chalet marmottes (duration: 45 min)

Legends of Merlet

vieux chalet Merlet

Visit an old chalet, remained “as is” for 100 years!
Discovery of the life of the peasants of the time.
Vibrate in the atmosphere by listening to the anecdotes and legends of the village of Merlet in 1900.

Every Tuesday from July 7th to August 25th, 2020
Appointment at 3:30pm at the chalet marmottes (duration: 1h)


Wednesday walks

Medicinal and edible plants of Merlet

DSC04930 compress

Have you paid attention to the plants, right there, by the side of the road? A short walk to become aware of the wealth of plants and trees around us and know their uses.

Every Wednesday from July 8th to August 26, 2020
Appointment at 2pm in the chapel (duration: 1h)

Creative Workshop Tales

chut 1 10x15

In the forest atmosphere to the chapel, listen to the tale of spruce and mountain animals. The group of children supervised by their families and accompanied by Robin our animator, then created his own story.

Every Wednesday from July 8 to August 28, 2020
Appointment at 3:30pm at the chapel
(duration: 1h)

Are you already in the park? Each star panel allows you to follow a guided tour according to your wishes. To return to the menu with the list of themes, click on the back arrow of your browser.

Artistic Events - Agenda

Throughout the summer, we propose various events on Sundays. Free participation for all visitors of the park.

sieste musicale de loin au parc de merlet

Sunday 13th June 2021 Musical Nap at the Piano

Let yourself be rocked by the sweet piano melodies composed and played by Anne Gaillard. See you at 14h in the combe in the middle of the park, lie on the lawn, among deer and marmots. Remember to take a gym mat or towel for more comfort.

2 music sessions : 2 pm and 3pm – postponed to June 27th in case of rain

Other session : sunday 5th september, postponed to 19th september in case of rain

Kids make-up day at Merlet Park

Sunday 20th June 2021 : Make up day with Mam'zelle Pastel

Butterfly, flower or marmot ? what kind of make up would you like?

Mam’zelle Pastel is quick and efficient, she will make you up in 5 minutes about ! Near the restaurant.

From 13h30 to 16h

Next date : sunday 4th July

Customized training

Individual photo internship

Gilles Petetin, native of the valley and professional photographer, guides you in your artistic approach to animal photography and will advise you on the technical level. He will make a presentation of the work of wildlife photographer as well as an analysis of the shots made and you will try his long focal length: 600 mm … A formula very suitable for your level since it is individual, or two!

We open the park doors especially for you (time depending on the season). So you have the 20 hectares and all the animals exclusively for a while.

The teaching is given throughout the day, together with the practice on the site. The output is scheduled to 18h.

Rates and Reservation

Nothing’s easier ! You propose us one or two dates at your convenience between May 1st and September 30th, and we see with the availability of the photographer.

Entrance to the park and training: 100 € per person.

The meal (at the restaurant or picnic) is not included in the price

Photographer training course at Merlet park