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Don’t miss the permanent animations that are proposed in the exhibition and video halls and at different points along the fun and educational trail. Discover our new amenities dedicated torelaxation.

In July and August various animations are proposed in the afternoon.

A series of artistic performances will liven up your visit, check the programme hereunder!

Photography enthusiasts can learn or perfect their technique thanks to our personalised courses.


Boasting a rich natural and historical heritage Park Merlet is a great place to learnby simply walking around and having fun! At Merlet we place the emphasis on exchanges.Our friendly staff are available to answer your questions. At the reception and throughout your visit don’t hesitate to talk to them they will be pleased to share their knowledge with you. 

Permanent animations

Video and exhibition hall

Inside the exhibition hall at Merlet Park

Don’t miss the exhibition “Merlet today, Merlet of yesteryear’ set in an ancient renovated farmhouse.
The video room (30 seats)proposesmore than 4 hours of videos on the Alpine wildlife.
– ‘Bella, the amazing chamois’ exclusive short film
– ‘Merlet backstage secrets’
– ‘the marmots of the great rock’

Fun and educational spots

Wooden plane at Merlet park for children

Both children and grown-ups can learn while having fun!
Fun and educational themed activities are found along the trails, including for example: winter, predators, ibex, marmot, high altitude airfield etc.
At each spot there are fun things to do for both children and grown-ups. Use your smartphone to find the matching page on the web site and discover all the information.
Information available in 4 languages

New amenities

the panoramic spot at Merlet Park

– The Silent Zone is an extension to the park that covers 3000 sqm at ‘la roche à Soupla’. It is a new space for wildlife that is dedicated to relaxation and silence. It also features a cliff that is a real play area for the ibex!
– Sit down, relax and enjoy the view! Don’t miss the panoramic viewpoint that offers a breath-taking vista while taking a break on our home made African low chairs (made using Merlet timber!)
– New reception chalet: at the entrance to the park a brand new larch timber chalet offers the perfect shelter if it starts to rain!

Animations in July and August

The animations on offer at the park start beginning of July, at the start of the French school holidays. Suited to all, these animations are not to be missed as they are an opportunity to exchange with our passionate and professional staff who are keen enthusiasts of the mountain environment and wildlife. The animations are free! The exact theme of the events is determined at 2 pm according to the weather conditions and may feature: 

"Landscape reading" entertainment at Merlet Park

« The mountain and its secrets »

Answering your questions and comments, the park attendant will explain all there is to know about the nearby glaciers, different flora and wildlife at different altitudes, climbing the Mont-Blanc via Balmat, etc.: A unique opportunity to gain a different perspective of the Mont-Blanc mountain range and valley. An absolute must ! Time : 2pm
Subject to clear weather conditions.

"Antlers and horns" animation at Merlet Park by a young member of staff

« Antlers and Horn »

The park attendant will explain the difference between the deer’s antlers and the horns found on bovines. You will also learn how to determine the age, gender andhealth of the animals by observing their antlers, the growth cycle etc.
Many pieces are available to touch and hold. Children love this! Time: 2 pm

"Predatory" entertainment at Merlet Park

« Predators »

In the food chain, what predators can prey on the animals in the park? Learn everything about the lynx, eagle and wolf. This event is fun and educational and features many illustrations, for children and adults. 2 pm*

Baby marmotts eating broccoli at Merlet Park

« Getting to know the marmots »

What do they eat? When do they hibernate? What is the size of their litter? Can they be tamed?Marmotswill hold no secrets for you after this highly popular animation!
Around 5 pm*
The exact time is subject to change depending on the weather and number of visitors. Boards posted at the entrance to the park and the reception will display the exact time schedule for the events and animations.
* Every day in July and August

Artistic events – Programme

Face painting with Mam'zelle Pastel

Kids make-up day at Merlet Park

Change into a butterfly, flower or chamois!
Mam’zelle Pastel is fast and efficient, approximately 5 minutes!
Free activity
From 1.30 pm to 4 pm
May 1st 2019
May 12th
June 30th
July 7th
September 29th

Siesta & Music with Piano

Come and enjoy the soft melodies composed and played on the piano by Anne Gaillard. Don’t miss the opportunity to lie down and listen to the music among the deer and marmots: 2 pm in the combe in the heart of the park. Don’t forget to bring a beach towel for greater comfort.

Free activity

Sunday 26th May 2019
Sunday 23rd June
Sunday 8th Sept 2019

Personalised lessons in animal photography

Individual workshops

Gilles Petetin was born in the valley and is a professional photographer. He will help you to harness your artistic talent in animal and wildlife photography and will offer sound technical advice. The workshop includes a presentation of the animal photographer profession and a commented review of some of his work. You will have an opportunity to test his long focal length lenses: 600 mm.The workshop is adapted to your level and is designed for one or two participants!
You will be able to enjoy the park as an early bird from 8.30 am and you have the 20 hectares with all the animals all to yourself for more than an hour before the crowds arrive.
The workshop runs throughout the day and includes hands on experience and practice on site, and finishes at approximately 6 pm.

Price and Reservation
It’s easy! Simply select one or two dates between May 1st and September 30th and we’ll reply to confirm the photographer’s availability.
Entrance fee + Photo workshop: €100 per person.
Please note that lunch (restaurant or picnic) is not included in the price

Photograph course at Merlet park