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The latest news from our marmots

In the spring of 2022, we had the pleasure of seeing that the two new couples settled towards the restaurant and the mentee woke up well. It is thus four litters of marmottons that one could observe last summer.
Established for a long time a family can be approached at the “moetieu”, whose burrows are further from the path, is almost always observable.

The groundhog lives in family on a territory of one hectare arranged with many terriers. The main burrow is equipped with bedroom (s), toilet and several entrances. The marmot hibernates from October to April: not less than 6 months / year, but do not miss his nap and his night so far as summer! She loses about 3 kg she quickly resumes the summer eating greedily.

Distrustful and often difficult to approach, the groundhog is always on guard and returns to its burrow at the slightest suspicious noise. She hisses on arrival of a danger such as a raptor or a human!

The marmot couple gives birth to a range of 2 to 7 marmottons, which can be seen from the end of June.

The marmot - Merlet Park
The marmot - Merlet Park