Llama in the snow in Merlet
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The latest news from our llamas

There is currently one llama (Muscade, russet fur colour) and 2 alpacas (Luciole, black coat and Altesse, white coat). Alpacas are characterised by dense fur on their heads that often covers their eyes!

Impressive but gentle

The llama is a domestic animal that is native to South America. Their thick coat enables them to withstand extreme climates. In Europe they are used to graze and clear paths as well as for hiking. The males have canine teeth that make their bite potentially dangerous. As a result Llamas have particularly thick skin around their neck.

As they have no other means of defence (horns, antlers, speed, etc.) llamas assert their authority by adopting threating stances. This is often followed by spitting and projecting the content of the stomach, which is absolutely foul-smelling!

Le lama - Parc de Merlet
Le lama - Parc de Merlet