Old ibex male in the snow at Merlet Park
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a king of

rock climbing!

The latest news from our ibexes…

We have 14 adult ibexes living in the park.
Last spring we welcomed two new births.

You’ll often find our older males perched on the roof of the bread oven.

The Ibex, a real pro of the high mountain environment

The king of the Alps! This impressive animal weighs around 80 kg and its horns can grow up to 1 m in length. Despite its nonchalant attitude theibexis remarkably agile on steep rocky terrain. It is not fearful of humans, which led it to near extinction. Today it is a protected species.
Female ibexes have much smaller horns, 15 to 20 cm, and give birth to their first kid when they are four years old, which is quite late. Although the young ibex are quite agile they develop slowly.

Le bouquetin - Parc de Merlet
Le bouquetin - Parc de Merlet