Chamois and cabri in the sun Merlet park
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The antelope

of the Alps

The latest news from our chamois…

We currently have 12 chamois living in the park. We wait for five births this sping.
Even our mascot Cabriole, 5-years old, gave birth already to 4 fawn!

During the autumn 4 young chamois disappeared as the result of lynx attacks.

Chamois, the antelope of the mountains

The Chamois is the only wild antelope in Europe. Weighing approximately 35 kg they are perfectly well adapted to the mountain environment. They are capable of climbing up a 1000 m slope in 15 min, a hike that would take us around three hours. Their hooves spread out when they run, which enables them to move around easily in deep snow as this is the same principle as snow shoes.
Both male and females chamois have short hook-shaped black horns.
Chamois give birth to their fawn in May.

Overview educational sheet on chamois
Overview educational sheet on chamois