Terrace - The Balcon de Merlet restaurant
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Balcon de Merlet

The most beautiful terrace of the Valley

Marc, Caro and their friendly team are pleased to welcome you to their panoramic terrace or in their cosy indoor restaurant room. You can also enjoy refreshments and local specialities. Reservation recommended in July and August

Sample of dishes on the menu

Home-made specialities (croûtes au fromage, with cheese or mushrooms) €16.50

Crémeux d’Arly: €22
Omelette: €13
Tomato Tartiflette: €17.50
Kids menu: €10
Mountain platter: €17

Desserts: ice creams, pastries, fromage blanc,
café gourmand assortment: between €3 and €8.5

Practical information

  • Service 11.45 am-3 pm in July and August
  • Reservation possible on site or by phone between 9 am and 11 am (Please note that we do not accept reservations via text message or answering machine)
  • You table will be reserved until 12.15 pm.
  • We do not serve pitchers of water as the water available is not drinkable.
  • Payment by cash, cheque or bank card from €15. We do not accept vouchers such as ‘tickets resto’ or ‘chèques vacances’.
  • You will need to purchase a ticket to enter the park in order to access the restaurant

Welcome to the souvenir shop

Located in the same chalet as the restaurant, the shop proposes a wide range of souvenir items. Cuddly toys, jewellery, postcards, table mats, keyrings, decorative items, etc.

You will also find a short guide on Merlet Park and a colouring booklet, some DVDs and a commemorative book published for the 50th anniversary of the park ‘Merlet, quelle est donc ta magie ?’ (details hereunder)

Booklet  "Parc de Merlet information"

"The guide" booklet


Parc de Merlet playbook

"Playbook" booklet


Behind-the-scene of a site of exception, Merlet park DVD

"Behind the scene of an exceptional site" DVD


"Shared happiness at Parc de Merlet" DVD

"When the dream becomes reality" DVD


Livre Merlet, quelle est donc ta magie ?

Merlet, what is your magic ?