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How long does it take to visit the park?

Allow at least two hours. But it’s not two hours of walking! We often stop in front of the animals, we read the signs, the children do some activities, there is the entertainment in the afternoon in July and August, the restaurant or the picnic and in addition a small passage to the showroom … In fact we often spend half a day to enjoy everything but the visit can be done in at least an hour.

Admire the view from Merlet Park

Is it difficult?

No! The easy course is almost flat in our mountain jargon! And the “fit” course has 200m of altitude difference. It is often the access to the entry of the park which will appear more difficult because since parking P3, there is 1000m to go, with approximately 100m of difference in level (to count about 30 minutes)

Visitors leaving Merlet park on foot
Enfant jouant dans le torrent au parc de Merlet

Is the park suitable for young children?

Yes ! The park is accessible by stroller but we still recommend the baby gate, which will allow you to access all paths. This is the access road which is more of a physical challenge because after the last car park, the road leading to the entrance to the park becomes a dirt road. That’s why we try to book the # 1 car park for families with young children. If there is no more room, you can consider a removal of the mother and children up at P1 and then park below.

Visiter le parc de Merlet en porte bébé

And the newborns?

The altitude is often discouraged by doctors but no problem at 1500m, climbing gently and if, of course, the baby has no ear problems …

Can we picnic inside the park?

It is easy to spend the day in Merlet, so do not hesitate to take your picnic! By cons, for the tranquility and health of animals that are free in the park you can not consume it inside the animal park. A picnic area was installed prior to entry. You can take a walk, go out picnicking and come in again: do not forget to dab your hand at the exit …
Attention, there is no drinking water on the site: do not forget your water bottles! There is no trash, plan a bag to lower your waste!

tampon sur la main pour revenir au parc après le pic-nic

I have a tiny dog, can I come in?

Your adorable dogs, large or small, are the fright of our animals, and the llamas seek to attack all dogs. It’s dangerous so formally forbidden! A small wooden niche, closing with keys, will be able to accomodate a dog during your visit. Be careful the car parks are rather sunny, do not leave your dog in the car during the hot weather.

Animal sculpté au parc de Merlet
Entrée du parc de Merlet aux Houches

What payment method can we use?

We accept payments by credit card, check, cash and ANCV checks. Attention, the restaurant accepts credit cards from 15.00 €, cash, check and nothing else!

Découvrir le parc de Merlet aux Houches

How should one dress?

Sneakers are enough, or lightweight mountain shoes but avoid flip flops! At 1500m altitude, the air is always fresh, do not forget a little wool and a windbreaker. Check the weather before coming!

What time is best to see the animals?

Marmots are more easily visible in the afternoon. Hot summer days affect the behavior of animals: they rest in the forest in the middle of the day and become more active from 16h. Thus, cool days are often ideal (even if there is some rain!) Because the animals are easily visible in the meadows.

Elegant doe at Merlet Park

Is it possible to fill our bottles with water in the park?

No! The water in the park is fed by uncontrolled sources and therefore not drinkable, it is better to come with its reserves. In case of need, the restaurant sells bottles of mineral water.

Note that there are toilets in the park (toilets dry comfort!)

Spring water at Merlet park